What to send to parents

Dear parents:

This year our class is going to use the web application Loose Canon (loosecanon.com), which is a social media site centered around reading and books. To do so, we need your written consent.

The application is designed to foster independent reading and to create book conversations between students. Loose Canon uses a name and email address to identify your child’s published material. Students can publish and catalog their reading on the platform, making their book choices, reviews, recommendations, and reading resumes public or private, as they prefer. Even when the information is “public,” only students and teachers at our own school can see it. Students can delete their information at any time.

Their information is never used for marketing purposes, or sold, or made available to third party companies. Here is Loose Canon’s privacy policy.

We’d love to see all our students be part of this exciting new conversation! Please respond with an email. Or you may print, sign, and return a physical copy of this page.

Thank you.

two fingers