A Flight of Angels

Rebecca Guay
11, 12, College Plus
Comics, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic & Myth, Girls
Loose Canon Approved Book
A Flight of Angels

Deep in the woods outside of a magical kingdom, a strange group of faeries and forest creatures discover a nearly dead angel, bleeding and unconscious with a sword by his side. They call a tribunal to decide his fate, each telling stories that delve into different interpretations of these winged, celestial beings- tales of dangerous angels, all-powerful angels, guardian angels and death angels, that range from the mystical to the mysterious to the macabre. This original graphic novel spotlights the painted work of award-winning artist Rebecca Guay, whose other works include the Vertigo titles VEILS and DESTINY- A CHRONICLE OF DEATHS FORETOLD, as well as World of Warcraft, Magic- The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. -- From Vertigo

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