A Dinosaur Named Sue

Fay Robinson
Nonfiction, Ecology & Nature, Science & Tech, Boys, Girls, No Controversial Bits
Loose Canon Approved Book
A Dinosaur Named Sue
She is massive. She is astounding. She is the most complete T. rex skeleton known to man. Her name is SUE, and she is, without a doubt, the archaeological find of this century. Unearthed on a routine dig one hot summer day in 1990, Dinosaur SUE has captured imaginations the world over. Now the complete account of her incredible tale is brought together for young readers - from her discovery in the hills of South Dakota to the information scientists are learning from her today at her new home, the Field Museum of Chicago. Journey through the life and times of this mysterious creature as the Science Team at the Field Museum learn what the world might have been like during SUE's lifetime. See how today's technology is bringing SUE "to life" again for future generations to study. Filled with full-color photographs and glorious artistic renderings, this definitive account of the Field Museum's "colossal fossil" will thrill dinosaur fans of all ages. —from the Scholastic website

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