1001 Cranes

Naomi Hirahara
5, 6, 7
Novel, Growing Up, Family Matters, Friends or Not?, Loss, Real Life Fiction, Girls, American, Asian, Immigrants, No Controversial Bits
Loose Canon Approved Book
1001 Cranes

WHEN 12-YEAR-OLD ANGELA Kato arrives in L.A., the last thing she wants to do is spend the entire summer with her grandparents. But in the Kato family, one is never permitted to complain. Grandma Michi and Aunt Janet put Angela to work in their flower shop, folding origami and creating 1001 crane displays for newlyweds. At first, Angela learns the trade begrudgingly. But when her folding skills improve and her relationships with family and friends grow, Angela is able to cope with her troubles, especially her parents' impending divorce. --From Yearling

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