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Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix (Food Heroes #3)

By: Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Recommended for grade(s): 4

This third book in the Food Hero series features Chef Roy Choi, a street cook in Los Angeles whose best good time as a kid was family together, making food. Though he became an acclaimed chef, Roy Choi grew tired of working in fine restaurants and started up the Kogi food trucks in Los Angeles, where he could remix the tastes he loved on the streets where he lived Korean BBQ in a taco. Once folks tasted the Kogi tacos, they lined up, all kinds of people talking and laughing together. Back on the streets, in the food trucks, opening cafes in old neighborhoods, Roy found his best good time remixing fast food, remixing neighborhoods, feeding hungry people, cooking up joy. This biography brims with passion and excitement and the happiness that comes from doing what you love while giving back. — From Live Oak Media (NY)

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